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Many runners have concerns that running clubs have little training for them aside from the Tuesday night intervals, Thursday tempo run, or Sunday long run. This isn't because the coach doesn't care or want to put more structure in the training; it is generally because part-time coaches don't have enough time for comprehensive training plans. With, you can coach up to ten runners in the same amount of time it takes most coaches to actively coach, track, and guide one runner. If you ever wanted to expand your coaching skills and be a part of your runners' entire monthly schedule, you can still work your full-time job and start putting more into your favorite hobby or side business.

Another problem is no central point of communication, i.e. a locker room. With, not only can a private coach connect and communicate schedules, have a bulletin board and a group forum, but they can also coach and train their runners with a complete dynamic coach's solution toolbox with the FREE Core or low-cost upgraded packages.

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