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For Fundraising groups like Team In Training, brings added value to your organization�s fundraising mission. All packages will give your runners and patrons more fun, more fit, and more fulfilling results. This means more renewals, more referrals, more races & more motivated members for you and your cause.

Other organizations such as Corporate Teams, Scouts, Military Teams, and Fire and Police Departments will improve their fitness, attract more runners, and benefit from a more cohesive community or group. Check your insurance company for lower group rates due to your organization�s wellness program.

For YMCAs and other fitness clubs, you�ve probably seen how spinning classes have given your business a good shot in the arm as more and more members are looking for group fitness aside from the standard yoga and aerobics classes. Want to get more use out of your treadmills?�s programs can be easily done in a group or individual treadmill setting. Any fitness instructor can learn to coach runners using these dynamic tools.

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